2017 Educational Program

Keynote: Exploring mHealth: Are we ready for what's next?

Harry Wang

In this important keynote, Harry Wang will talk about his latest research in mobile technology and apps, emerging technologies and trends in digital health, and the future of this market. Wang oversees Parks Associates' digital health research program. He and his team cover emerging health technologies, applications and services in areas such as chronic/preventive care management, independent living, wellness and fitness, and virtual/convenience care.

Harry Wang, senior director of research, Parks Associates

Technology in action: The impact on patient care

Everyone agrees that technology is changing the way health care is delivered in the home, leading homecare providers to ask themselves: What types of technology can we effectively use in the home? What is the effect of using multiple technologies? What is the ROI of a tech-heavy approach to patient care? In this case study, Dixie Comeau of Advanced Care Alliance, which represents more than 90 agencies in New York City, Long Island and the Hudson Valley serving people with disabilities, will answer these questions and more.

Dixie Comeau, lead consultant, Telehealth Associates Inc., Advanced Care Alliance Urgent Care Program

Technology Spotlight: Connected home meets connected health

Connected homes are cool, there’s no doubt about that. Smart home technology can learn your lifestyle, control your environment, tell you the weather and connect all of your devices, including the ones you use to take care of your health. In this session, leading experts in the industry will discuss the role of connected homes in home health care.

John Carpenter, vp of channel engagement for health and wellness, Nortek
Marc Cayle, founder, ONKÖL
John Bojanowski, president, Honeywell Life Care Solutions

Christopher Baskin, president/CEO, American Two Way

Health care, meet Watson

IBM's supercomputer program, Watson, is forging a new partnership between humanity and technology. With Watson Health, IBM is using Watson's trove of data and cognitive powers to personalize, predict and prevent bad health outcomes and promote good outcomes. From chronic diseases to aging health, Dr. Ruoyi Zhou will present the ways that Watson's innovative thinking is blazing the trail for a new type of health care.

Dr. Ruoyi Zhou, Director of Accessibility Research, IBM

AI and Social Networks: Healthcare Game Changers

Artificial intelligence and social networks are transforming many industries around the world and healthcare is no exception. Join Michael Seago from BAYADA Home Health Care and Ashish V. Shah, co-founder of healthcare engagement firm PreparedHealth, as they talk about their current partnership and the changing home health landscape. They’ll give us insight into how tools like enTouch, a social network for healthcare, and DINA, a digital nursing assistant, are helping many people live better and safer lives in the comfort of their homes. Don't miss this innovative discussion.

Ashish Shah, co-founder, PreparedHealth
Michael Seago, Division Director, BAYADA Home Health

Technology spotlight: Talking about telehealth

The U.S. boasts the most mature telehealth in the world, according to industry experts, as well as a diverse competitive landscape, and the market is expected to continue to grow. In this session, telehealth experts will discuss the current landscape of telehealth and where it's headed.

Paul Adams, head of connected health, Philips Lifeline
Britney Treadaway, VP of strategy and corporate development, Ideal Life Inc.

Christopher Baskin, president/CEO, American Two Way

Regulation and reimbursement: What lies ahead?

The regulatory and reimbursement landscape for home health technology is changing so fast, it's hard to keep up. What's covered? What's not covered? Attorney and digital health expert Lisa Schmitz Mazur has the answers. In this important overview, she will present a look at the current regulatory and reimbursement landscape and what lies ahead. Mazur, who is the co-editor of McDermott's “Of Digital Interest” blog and the chairwoman of the Illinois Telehealth Law Forum Program Planning Committee, advises health care providers and technology companies on a variety of legal, regulatory and compliance matters with a particular focus on digital health, including telehealth, mobile health and consumer wellness.

Lisa Schmitz Mazur, partner, McDermott Will & Emery

Home health technology: From the investor's seat

Home health technology companies are a hot ticket for investors these days, but why are investors opening up their checkbooks for them? What types of technology are leading the way? What types of ROI are they expecting?

David Glickman, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Nokia Growth Partners
Tyson Bickley, chief development officer, Contessa Health
Scott Moody, co-founder and CEO, K4Connect

Dan Gebremedhin, principal, Flare Capital

Vendors Roundtable

We've invited the top sponsors from the Home Health Technology Summit to participate in a lightning round discussion on how technology is enhancing care in the home. During this working lunch, you will hear directly from the vendors driving this fast-growing market. Each vendor will have 1 minute to answer each question. We follow up the discussion with a 15-minute Q&A.

Vendor Companies:
dmetrain, Philips Respironics, ResMed, American Two-Way, Freeus, Nortek Security & Control, PlayMaker CRM, and Parks Associates

Rick Rector, executive vice president, United Publications; publisher, Home Health Technology News

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